Thursday, April 22, 2010

So very cluttered....

I can't stand it any more, but too busy blogging to fix it. Ha ha!!

Seriously though, we have too much shit! The kids have too much shit!! And it is taking over. Plus the dog drags shit in from outside, well not literally, thank goodness, but plenty of dirt.

All the shit everywhere makes it difficult to clean.

Too many clothes, too much laundry, well, that's not exactly true. It just seems like it because we don't have a very big closet. Figuring out how to seasonally store our clothes would be helpful. It seems like the laundry never ceases because it doesn't, but I just have to accept some shit.

So, I do declare that I will conquer the clutter, one pile of shit at a time.

Starting tomorrow; I'm tired.


  1. we need to have a garage sale...we should do it the same weekend, and it would draw more people because there will be at least two at the same time...i desperately need to go through our stuff as well and get rid of alot of it...i just haven't had any time...interested?

  2. ya, i was thinking the same thing. clear out some junk. we have to do it before it gets, too hot. i'll ask s and l next door if they want in.