Monday, April 19, 2010

Coffee Geek

I have to say the Aeropress makes the best coffee I've ever had!! I shout it to the world!! Find yourself an Aeropress if you are a serious coffee aficionado.

It's an unusual looking gadget. It looks nothing like what we expected. It is sort of like French press only different. They run around $40. I know you can get them online, and at high end cooking stores. A good friend of ours works at one of those type places and picked it up for us. The only supplies you need are little tiny round filters that sit in the bottom of the tube. I think the filters are about $5 for a package of 350. (That's alot of cups of coffee) Some are included with the gadget to start you off, of course.

I like to use whole bean coffee and a burr grinder. Our 2 favorite coffees are both from Whole Foods. The organic house blend, which is a mix of light and dark beans and the Extra Dark French Roast, which is extra dark French roasted. I grind the beans to a 3/4 espresso grind. This has been a trial and error experience. Also, notably, every time you switch up coffee beans/brands, it takes a couple of tries to get the right ratio of coffee to hot water. (I never said this wasn't somewhat labor intensive.)

You make one cup at a time and it now takes me about 4 min per cup, not counting boiling the water in the kettle.

You grind your coffee, I put 2 scoops (the kit includes the scoop) of coffee in the cylinder and this is subject to your own taste and experimentation, add the boiling water, stir the mixture whilst counting to 10 Mississippi, and then squish the mixture down with the plunger. The idea being that you are compressing the hot water through the grounds using the air pressure from the plunger. This gives you all the flavor without the bitterness of strong coffee. It is seriously great coffee. It's labor intensive; I feel the need to mention this twice. No flipping a pre-programmable switch and having coffee ready when you stumble out of bed in the morning.

I put milk with sugar in the microwave to heat while I'm plunging the coffee and then viola...

A cup o' heaven.....ahhhhhhhhhhh!

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