Friday, April 9, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

Have babysitter, will travel!!

I'm stoked!! Hubby and I have secured a babysitter are going to see a Pride and Prejudice stage play tomorrow night in Fort Worth.

He has a gig where he reviews plays in the metroplex for a friend who has a theater blog. The plays he reviews are usually Shakespeare, but this time we get to see P and P. He has taken Big Boy to a couple plays he's reviewed, and I got to go see a live telecast of The Royal Shakespeare Company preforming All's Well that Ends Well at the Angelika. I am curious as to how P and P will be pulled off.

I like Jane Austen. Hubby got me started on reading the books. He did a thesis in undergrad on Pride and Prejudice and flung the interest onto me, as well. I have seen multiple versions of movies, but never seen it done as a play.

Will report back after the performance.

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