Monday, March 21, 2011

Giving up meat for Lent...

This was not intially my own idea. Hubby suggested that he would do it and I glommed onto the idea myself. I wasn't going to do anything for Lent at all, but this seemed like a good idea. Maybe I'll lose a few pounds in the meantime, too. Not exactly the reason for giving up something for Lent, but the end product might be nice.

The point is supposed to be a certain amount of self sacrifice. The sacrifice will be having to be mindful about what we are eating and the meals I am preparing. I've given up meat before and was pretty good about actually being a healthy vegatarian. I wasn't just a cheese pizza and icecream veghead. I like beans and lentils and tofu. It just takes a certain amount of time and planning to make healthy, tastey, interesting vegitarian meals. One cannot live by stirfries alone. I am also not giving up milk or eggs, I don't think I could do the vegan thing. Not enough variety of protein sources.

I am not very far into it yet, and am still suffering the "starvation" feeling of not having meat to fill your belly. I will not make the mistake of filling up on bread either. That will sabatoage any weight loss right there if I am not careful. I do wanna raid the girl scout cookie stash, but will settle for a cup of tea instead.

Well, I gotta write a history paper. Enough procrastinating already!!!!

Maybe we'll save some money on groceries. If we do, we'll donate it. That's a good Lenten thing to do.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nalgene Rocks!!

I just have to give a shout out to Nalgene, water bottle maker company. They ROCK!!

We had a kids water bottle for the Little Boy with the sippy type lid. Well, doggy got a hold of it and chewed up the spout. I was pissed!! This bottle was not a $2 WalMart special. I hung onto the lid thinking I will look online and see if they sell replacement lids for the kids cups. (They do sell replacements lids for the big water bottles, I know I've bought them at REI before.)

Anyway, I finally got around to looking on the Nalgene website the other day and they did not sell the lids, but there was a customer service 1-800 number, so I called. After negotiating through a relatively simple phone tree I got a live person.

She laughed when I told her the dog story and said that the cups must be appealing to pooches because I was definitely not the first person who has called for a replacement lid for the exact same reason. Then she asked for my shipping address and she said she'd send a lid out to me that day.

Wait a sec?? what about my credit card number? Nothing, they sent the replacement lid out to me for free and no shipping either. It took less than a week to arrive.

Like I said, Nalgene ROCKS!!!! Buy their stuff, they now have BPA free, too.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Heart Mittens

I do like knittin' mittens. Or gloves. They are portable, quick to make up and ultimately useful, albeit for a short season here in Texas.

I finished up two sets, of course just in time for Spring. Meh, there will be at least one more short cold snap before be have to start wearing shorts.

Hubby's gloves...

And some texting friendly mittens. I don't know where these will find a home yet, they were an experiment. I think they will ultimately be gifted.

I am all set to start a new project now. Another set of mittens, ha!

I need to learn how to turn a heel, dammit and try some socks. Or does it go more like, try some socks and learn how to turn a heel. How hard can it be?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 in 30, well 28... Fail!!

Tis my sad little 3 in 28 update. I didn't get one single thing on my list done. Nope, Nah Dah. I suck. I did have a heavy homework month and am pleased to report a 4.0 in both classes currently, so there is something. I finished Hubby's gloves, too. (Just in time for it to warm up, sigh)

So, moving forward.... I am trying again. Write 3 real letters, organize my closet, finish Little Boy's room.