Friday, September 30, 2011

I would like to be a Princess, just for a day....

Ugh, this poor blog has turned into a giant gripe session. Bitch bitch bitch!!!! Oh well, I will just go with it and be done. Then perhaps I can focus on something more positive. This negative stuff is a downer and probably bad karma and will come back to bite me in the ass someday. I shouldn't judge what I do not know, nothing is ever how it appears on the surface.

that being said....

I would like to be a high maintenance princess for just one day. What would it be like to do what ever I wanted, get my own way every time, have people dance to my tune for a change, say "I don't have to do that, why, because I'm me, that's why", be all "look at me, look at me, look at me", start every sentence with "I" and end it with "me".

that being said again...

I hope that I do enough self-reflection that I would know if I was like this. I think some people do not know that they are like this at all. It makes me think back to the old "When Harry Met Sally Movie" and when Harry tells Sally that she is the worst kind of high maintenance, the type that thinks she is low maintenance, but is really extremely high maintenance.

Self-reflection is the key, I think. I know some people that are awfully self-absorbed and they know it and are proud of it. Yuck!! And I also know some that just think they are pretty smart and like to share that, ALOT, yuck again!! (although, this is the category that I am afraid I may fall into sometimes, I hope not too often, because it is really annoying) Or the people that just cry, until they get ther own way.

I don't want to operate that way at all, but I would like one day of it, just to see what it is like, then go back to my old self.

I bet it's not as good as I think it would. the grass is alwways greener, right?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Haters take a seat!!

Do you ever wonder if anyone is really like what they say they are like?

I suppose that social media really causes this phenomenon to run rampant. In the virtual world you can be anything you want to be. You can tailor your posts to craft an alternative reality. Blogging too, for that matter.

I always wonder if people really do all the things they preach about. Do they really put their money where their mouth is.

What really set this off for me was some stupid little chippy taking a pot shot at me on a Facebook page about being a labeler and how I shouldn't judge and so on. Pretty funny, because where I sit it seemed like she was the one doing the labeling and judging and telling me what an awful, stupid and narrow minded person I am.

This all had to do with Vegan vs Vegetarian. I know, I know, I stepped right in it even making a comment about such a sensitive area. Well, I just asked if veganism is really a truly healthy alternative or more of a social statement. (Ya, I admit , I was kinda poking these folks with a stick, my bad!) I have not been eating meat (except for the very rare occasions - like sushi once in a blue moon) for 6 months now. I probably will not ever be vegan because I would miss the variety of foods that I would lose. I promise the next time I see a Jersey cow I'll kiss it on the lips and apologize for drinking her milk, but I won't be giving up milk products anytime soon.

I have know idea where I was going with this. Anyway....

The bottom line is DON'T BE A HATER!! We are all trying our best to do our best. One of my good friends goes to the same UU as I do and has commented on feeling judged by some of the folks there. Good Grief!! If we are on a vegetarian facebook page or at a UU Church, WE ARE OPEN MINDED!! Ugh!! Lets celebrate what we have in common and be understanding about our differences and respectful of each others opinions.

Unless you are a Right Wing Fundamentalist..... I draw the line there, sorry.