Thursday, October 25, 2012

P18X - In the home stretch...

Almost finished!  Home stretch! Bottom of the ninth! The final count down! Last lap!

Holy crap... this is monumental, but I am ready to move on to something else.  90 days of the same thing over and over is a long time.  I have been recently grumbling to myself about the hour it takes, but that is stupid.  It take a lot longer to go to the gym.  this is done at home in the living room any time.  I need to remember that part.

On a completely different note.  My resistance band snapped the other day which has forced me to move on to doing pull ups with the pull up bar.  I can do it!  I didn't thnk I could, so I never tried before.


Not sure where we are going next. 

We have 18 days to think about it. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Double blarg!!!  We missed a day of the P90X.  I wanted to do the whole thing and never miss once.

 But... between seasonal allergies, homework, grading, a preparing for a job interview, a bike crash, trip to urgent care/pharmacy, the hour and a half work out didn't happen. The irony is after all that we probably needed and hour and a half of yoga to chill out.

Back on track though, that whole mess was Tuesday and the work-outs got done on Wednesday.  It's another rest week, this week, so the work-out order is switched up.  I'll be glad when we are finished.  It's getting old!!  But, it is definitely making a difference in both of our fitness levels.  I'll really see if it's made a difference next weekend.  We are going to run a 5K.  The husband will have no problem.  He's done them and is/has been a runner.  I am not a runner, so we'll see.  It'll be fun though.There is a 50 yard dash for the kids and they get a t-shirt at the beginning and a dog tag necklace after the race.  They also have childcare for the kids during the actual race, so the little booger will be able to hang out and play while we run. I hope the weather is ice.  It's cooled off, now for Fall, so it should be nice and mild.

Now to not obsess about the job interview!!!  I hate waiting.