Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book #3, which is really #2

Ok, since I decided not to count the first book, this is really book #2.

Kill the Messenger - Tammy Hoag

I picked this up at 1/2 Price Books from the clearance section for $2 when they were having their new years 20% off sale. So, that makes this book $1.60. Not bad. It was a book club hardback, which probably explains why it was on the clearance shelf. I won't hang on to it. I'll either pass it along, yard sale or donate it. I only keep selected hardback novels.

Well, it is a pretty decent "poor dude got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time" murder mystery. It doesn't have the relationship angle that some of her books have, but it was a page turner with twists and turns and not surprisingly a surprise ending.

It was fluff, but entertaining fluff. Good beach read. Not brain brain food by any stretch of the imagination. Ya!! Just how I like it.

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