Tuesday, November 8, 2011


7. I am thankful for thrift stores. I find great things, save money and reduce my carbon footprint by utilizing thrift stores. We usually try to purchase second hand, before we go looking for new items we need. It works out well, for a fraction of the cost and almost zero packaging. Some of what we have gotten second hand - piano, heater for the garage, lawn mower, golf clubs and bag, lazyboy recliner, many books movies and CDs, a lot of our clothes, and toys for the kids.

8. I am thankful for cashmere. This is self indulgent, yes, but I love cashmere sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves mittens, socks.... you get the picture. So, now see above. Where do I find these lovely items. Generally at a good thrift or consignment store or ebay. Trust me on this, I'm not buying cashmere off the rack. It makes the thrift store find twice as sweet.

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