Monday, November 7, 2011


5. I'm thankful for the fall. I love the cooler weather. Especially this year. It was a horrific summer and I was soooo ready for it to cool off. Fall is the best time of year in Texas. I do miss the color change of the leaves. That doesn't really happen here, but it is cooler with out the severe weather of spring.

Which leads me to #6.

6. I'm thankful for staying safe this spring!!! This spring was a spring of severe weather. Worse than usual. It is the norm to have bad thunder storms and the occasional super-cell with wind and hail, but this year we had tornadoes. Fortunately nothing as severe as in Missouri and Oklahoma, but for the first time since I have lived in Texas (and that is 13 years) I have had times that I was seriously frightened by the weather. If a tornado comes through, we have no where to hide, no basement, storm cellar, shelter, etc. We just can hope and pray that it never happens. It came close this year, but didn't. And I am very very thankful for that!!!!

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