Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bringing Out the Dead

We watched the movie the other night. Not bad. I will almost never endorse a movie based on a book because they pretty much always suck. (been burned too many times) This was pretty true to the book, which is a monumental feat unto itself. I'm tellin' ya!!

Directed by Martin Scorsese, and staring Nick Cage, that goes along way right there!

Dark and gritty like the book.

In my own mind's eye, some things were darker than others. The movie Emergency Department was like Disneyland compared to my images, but the homeless people were totally freaky and I had not envisioned them that way at all. (Maybe Canadian homeless people are cleaner and nicer than the ones from NYC, my only really up close and personal experiences with homeless pan handlers was in Toronto and at the time they didn't seem so awful, just sad)

Gotta say I am impressed. They managed to pull this movie off in a very Batman/Gotham City kinda way. It was really weird, but so was the book, nothing changed there.

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