Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book #11

Northern Lights - Nora Roberts

I got the book for $0.50 from the local thrift store, looked like it had never been read...hmmm, maybe that's a red flag. Nah, pretty much have never met a Nora Roberts novel I didn't like. Again, back to the brainfood component...yes, missing, but hey, I'm reading and that is more than ?% of the population. My personal guess is 75% of the population does not read.

This is a typical Nora Roberts romance/mystery combo and our hero is yet again a police officer. I would like to know the story behind Nora's obsession with law enforcement as the strong brooding heroes of a great many of her books. I guess the formula works, she keeps churning them out and we keep consuming them and then she gets big fat royalty cheques.

This one takes place in Alaska. I think the number one thing I like about her books is that they are usually set in some quirky, interesting locale and she paints such a compelling a picture that you feel like you have got to book your plane tickets as soon as you finish the last chapter. Plot...same old same old, firecracker heroine, strong brooding hero, a murder, a mystery, a couple plot turns.....meh.

I had figured out who the bad guy was a while before I finished the book. Predictable. Also, the book was really long, for what it was, at 637 pages. It was a little too much work to read that long of a fluffy no-brainer. I enjoyed it, but more because it made me nostalgic for Northern Exposure.

I used to watch it occasionally when it was on network TV. And then Hubby and I started watching the full seasons from Netflix. The DVDs are mixed into our queue, so every so often you get a pleasant surprise when you open the red envelope and NE is in there.

If we ever wind up in Alaska, it will because of Northern Exposure. But, I would only move to Alaska on one condition. We would have to move to Cecily and those people would really have to live there. Northern Exposure and Harry Potter have the same effect on me. Some times I get really bummed when I realize that they don't really exist. I want to knit with Marilyn and hang out with Maggie and throw rocks and sticks at Joel. Shelly and I would both be from Saskatchewan and could talk about home and hockey.

But, alas, it isn't really real.....

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