Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book #8

Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris

Another Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire novel. aka True Blood

I see the appeal of this series of books. Funny, creepy, naughty...

Of course this also had the Dallas angle, too. Albeit it didn't talk about the city in great "real" detail. The commentary about the traffic and urban sprawl is legit.

Introduce more supernatural creatures.

What the hell is a maenad anyway?? (a crazy ass possessed woman from Greek mythology, if I remember my myths correctly)

I am now going to have to take a break from vampires until the 3rd book in the series arrives. I have several more that my Beloved so thoughtfully found for me at 1/2 Price Books, but alas, he was unable to find #3. Paperback Swap, you are my friend....snail mail, not so much.

Oh well, I have a good rotting bodies book that is next in the que.

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