Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Operation Clutter Bust

For a week we have been diligently trying to fix, sort, straighten or discard something from the house every day. Things are looking better. Toys are still breeding and swarming in the living room, but I have a remedy in store for that already. I am prepared to add before and after pictures. Yikes!!

I have again been utilizing Freecycle to clear out some items and will clear more, soon. I cannot sing the praises of Freecycle enough, I think that it is a really great concept. I did also post some baby items on Craig's list and plan to post more, soon. If I can make a little money from some things, why not. We can put it in the "hard wood floor fund".

I have my running list at the bottom of the page to remind me what I have done. Hopefully it will motivate me to keep on it a little at a time.

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