Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Weight vs Lazy Weight

I don't like to be vocal about my weight because it pisses people off that are bigger than I am, cause I'm not that big. I get those "really!! you are bitching about your weight!!" looks. Well, I am not happy with where I am right now. I look in the mirror and I don't like what I see. Worse yet, I see a photo of myself and OMG!!

I can tell myself it's baby weight. ha! whatever That said baby is 3 1/2 years old. What I have now has crossed the line to lazy weight. I just don't wanna make the effort to cook healthy and don't wanna make the effort to really exercise.

I go to the gym at least once or twice a week, but I don't really work out. Doing 20 min on the elliptical and then walking on the treadmill for 45 min is a joke. It is not a work out if I don't even break a sweat. I need to make my body complain when I work out! I am being lazy.

I have never been into fad diets. I am a firm believer in Weight Watchers. I've used it before and it works. Weight Watchers does take some planning, forethought and effort until you get it hardwired, but it's worth it.

So, time to lose 20 pounds. That would be good.

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