Monday, January 10, 2011

3 in 30

I am not usually a new years resolution kind of gurl. I'll jokingly make a couple, like be nicer, stop using the snooze alarm or to not make any resolutions.


A couple weeks ago I happened to see a post on another blog that referred to 3 in 30. Hello? What's this? Complete 3 goals in 30 days. This I can do. A monthly teeny tiny bucket list. Ha!

So, here is my tiny little to do list for January: finish the stupid ironing, drop off and pick-up dry cleaning, put up the shelf in the dining area

Baby steps. It is almost halfway through the month, don't want to overwhelm myself, now.

I really do have one serious resolution for 2011. I will try and complete 18 credit hours towards my degree. Starting with 2 classes this semester, next week. This will be an exercise in time management, ugh!


  1. How's that ironing going? Have you made it to the dry cleaners yet? Glad you're joining us for the 3 in 30 Challenge!

  2. Oh my goodness. Maybe I'll try this as well. I'd have to be able to get 3 things done in a month, right? Thanks for the tip!