Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When the Cat's away, the Mouse will Ebay...

I was naughty!!! I was shopping on Ebay, looking at ridiculous things I do not need that clutter my house, but I love what I got!!!!!!

It is an antique Wedgwood Tea Pot, well technically I think it is actually a coffee pot based on it's shape, but whatever, it's soooo pretty.

The pattern in called Green Leaf and it was discontinued in 1949, if i did my research accurately.

Now I have a Brown Betty and a Wedgwood.

Let's have tea!!


  1. Very cute, Ms. Mouse! I too have Wedgewood fantasies...but alas I do not have a house to put them in. Maybe some day... :)

  2. I even have some P and G Tips in the cupboard. I