Monday, July 5, 2010

A little bit of sewing...

I finally have gotten around to doing a bit of sewing again. I just gave in to the temptation the other night and pulled my stuff out. I usually don't get around to it, because it is the last thing on my list. A frivolous indulgence. Yah, like reading all the time isn't, too. Reading is less work and a lot less set-up/clean-up. You see, I don't have a dedicated sewing room, or a spare bedroom for that matter, to leave things set-up and ready at a moments notice. This set-up also requires toddler nap time/bedtime, or have have little fingers "helping" me.

Anyway... I have had the idea in the back of my head for a while now. I want to make a scrap quilt. I have been saving some old clothes just for the project. I sacrificed some of the Big Boy's old flannel pj's. Nice grey plaid and blue plaid. Very soft and well loved. I assured him that they will now be immortalized in a family heirloom. Or at least a snuggle blanket for the couch. Also, a couple tops that were given to be as hand-me downs that never actually fit me, some old worn out scrubs and some cotton shorts. There is no colour scheme, the theme is recycling. I'll post my progress as I go. It will keep me motivated to work on the project.

Ok, so the quilt. I was trying to work it out in my head exactly how I would do the blocks. Plain squares, triple strips, half triangles. I didn't want to be too complicated. End the end I ditched not complicated and went with log cabin. A little more work, since I can't really stack and whack with the fabric being chunks selvaged from old clothes. So I am doing one block at a time. No mass production. Oh well. It looks pretty cool. I finished 5 squares in one sitting. The plan is to have a throw for the couch before the youngest graduates from university.

Before....and after....

The first 3 squares.


  1. Nice work! Would make nice Christmas gifts (hint, hint) :)

  2. inspiring! i cut up a bunch of kiddo's old t-shirts to make him a t-shirt blanket a few weeks ago, nothing nearly as beautiful as what you are working on..but i need to get it all stitched up asap...inspiring! inspiring!