Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Veg Head for 6 Months

Well, its been six months and I'm still basically meat free. I do occasionally have sushi or a tuna sandwich and did have a taste of some Texas BBQ (does a couple of bites count, ha ha! I'm not doing it for religious reasons so whatever, haters), but all things considered, I have been off the meat wagon. I don't miss it. (except for maybe pulled pork, I miss that a little bit)

I don't even know why really, it's not an ethics thing exactly (but I do object to inhumane treatment of animals and I guess eating them falls into that category), it kinda of a sustainability thing (I do know for a fact that it's much better for the environment), it's mostly a health thing, it's not a trendy thing (in fact I feel a little silly about it) so, I can't really say why I did it. It started out as a "give it up for lent" project and I just continued it. I am really self conscious about it, though. I don't like to draw attention to it or make a big deal about it. It does bug me at work that they very rarely have meat free options (I know I am not the only VegHead in the place), but I have not complained about it. I guess I should just get off my butt and pack my own lunch. I get sick of eating the same salad all the time for lunch. There's a Whole Foods and Tom Thumb very close that I could drive over to on the days I have the car, but that takes up half my lunch time in transit.

So, about the self conscious thing, what's that all about? I guess I'm just getting old. I feel like I'm too old to be doing this. That it is a college student's game and agenda not something a forty-something year old does. It doesn't really make a whole heap of difference if I have an agenda or not, but I still don't want to make a big deal out of it or push it off on other people or even appear like I might be considering pushing off on other people.

Good Gracious!!!!! I need to lighten up!!! Really!!!

It's never too late to make a positive change.

Vive la VegHeads!!! VegHeads of the world unite!!! Haters can go suck it!!!

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