Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trask Project Part Deux - Dream Groovy Chunky

Dream Groovy Chunky - ha!! Makes me think of a Ben and Jerry's flavor, anyway...

So, part deux of the Trask Project - I received one gorgeous, sumptuous, stupendous skein of Dream Groovy chunky yarn, which is this awesome hand painted, super wash, Australian merino, from my blogpal Mrs. Lawton-Trask. It is cream with very subtle pinks and blues. It was calling to me, saying "Mommy needs a new hat!!" (It was, seriously, I kid you not!)

So, a perfect hat was created. It is only missing a tassel. Now, all my boys want the same hat, but different colours, not pink and cream, ha! Sometimes it's fun to be the only girl in the house, I never have to share the cute stuff.

The finished product with my doggie Joey and the Rangers vs Tigers game on the tube in the blinding background. Go Rangers!!!

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