Monday, March 21, 2011

Giving up meat for Lent...

This was not intially my own idea. Hubby suggested that he would do it and I glommed onto the idea myself. I wasn't going to do anything for Lent at all, but this seemed like a good idea. Maybe I'll lose a few pounds in the meantime, too. Not exactly the reason for giving up something for Lent, but the end product might be nice.

The point is supposed to be a certain amount of self sacrifice. The sacrifice will be having to be mindful about what we are eating and the meals I am preparing. I've given up meat before and was pretty good about actually being a healthy vegatarian. I wasn't just a cheese pizza and icecream veghead. I like beans and lentils and tofu. It just takes a certain amount of time and planning to make healthy, tastey, interesting vegitarian meals. One cannot live by stirfries alone. I am also not giving up milk or eggs, I don't think I could do the vegan thing. Not enough variety of protein sources.

I am not very far into it yet, and am still suffering the "starvation" feeling of not having meat to fill your belly. I will not make the mistake of filling up on bread either. That will sabatoage any weight loss right there if I am not careful. I do wanna raid the girl scout cookie stash, but will settle for a cup of tea instead.

Well, I gotta write a history paper. Enough procrastinating already!!!!

Maybe we'll save some money on groceries. If we do, we'll donate it. That's a good Lenten thing to do.

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