Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

We went to see another play this weekend. My Beloved did a review, see Theater for details. Much Ado About Nothing done contemporary, post WW2.

It was a brilliant interpretation!! The correlation between the soldiers returning home in the classic play vs the soldiers returning home after WW2. Add in all the cool retro 40's costumes and hair dos, plus singing and dancing. Someone took a great deal of time to do wonderful choreography for this play. I love it!! Man oh man, Hollywood or Broadway could do this interpretation with pizazz!! Beloved and I both said we would love to see this done by professionals.

Now, at this point I need to mention this was done by a small community theater in Bedford. These were not professional actors, singers or dancers. But, wow they pulled it off beautifully!!

I am probably the most familiar with this Shakespeare play as any of them. My Beloved played a role in Much Ado in grad school, so I saw many rehearsals and spent time running lines with him, so I know the play pretty well. It is a cute story, with lots of comedy, some mistaken identities, a costume party, a faked death, and of course it's going to end with a wedding!

A Shakespeare comedy, my favorite.

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