Friday, May 28, 2010

A finished sweater, just in time for Texas summer

Finally finished, just in time for the 90 degree Texas summer. I actually like this pattern a lot and will make another one for the Little Guy, but next time I will make the body longer. You can see his tummy hanging out the bottom in the picture. I made it in a sport weight acrylic for ease of washing and it was inexpensive enough to practice with. I like the boxy shape and I didn't have to figure out how to shape raglan sleeves. (It think those are what the diamond shaped set in sleeves are called, mental block right now)

I know a locally owned yarn shop in the area that has a beautiful selection of organic yarn. Now that I know how this pattern knits up, I will work it in a little more expensive yarn. If I start now and apply myself, maybe I'll be done when it is cold enough to wear it.

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  1. Further proof that you are Supergirl! :)