Monday, August 13, 2012

We may have lost our minds....

So, the husband and I are going to attempt P90X.  It should be interesting.  I'm scared we might seriously die of exhaustion, but if we don't it should be pretty cool.

We were trying to figure out when to fit in the workouts.  The evening is out since we would have to do it after we got the little boy to bed and that's when we do homeowork.  Plus the husband will have evening classes to attend and teach in the Fall.  So...  It's going to have to be early in the morning.  Really early!!  Because I need to be on the highway to work by 0700 or traffic is a nightmare.  The good thing is that will force me to go to bed early, which I  never do.  Which again means....  that homework time is going to be early evening and that means no TV time.  Not that we really watch much anyway, but when we do it's in the evening.  Oh well....not a big deal.  Totally worth it to not look like a giant fat ass any more.  One of my co-workers did the program and she said she went down 4 dress sizes!  She looks great.  Not super skinny, just good!

We both passed the prereq fit test, without too much trouble, so one day off today and we start tomorrow.  We even took the GOD AWFUL comparison pictures. Yikes!!

I'm going to try and post regularily to keep myself honest, ha! 

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