Thursday, November 4, 2010

Raindrops on roses and Vampire mittens....

These are a few of my favorite things...... la la la....

Ok, seriously, I have two sets of Bella's Twilight mittens to show off. One for myself and one for my eight year old niece, who is very into Twilight. (Don't ask me, talk to my brother!)

The adult size are worked in a tweedy chunky wool blend, it's Paton's of some sort. I don't remember the exact yarn, now. For Jesse's little Bella mittens I re-worked the pattern a bit. I dropped of one row of cables, but otherwise followed the pattern. I used smaller needles and a worsted weight yarn. Again, it is a Paton's brand (I am quite loyal to Paton's, it's a Canadian thing) wool blend. It's very soft and not itchy. I didn't want to traumatize my niece by making her the worlds coolest, yet most uncomfortable mittens.

In the movie the mittens are a kind of steel grey. I choose a more grey blue for both pairs. I have a request for one more pair, which I will be starting soon. Gotta get 'em done. It's finally cold in Texas and our mitten wearing season is limited.

Here is a clip from the movie featuring said mittens. I do have the link to the pattern in a previous post about the Twilight mittens. Now that I have a grateful recipient, I will be doing a bit more Twilight knitting. At the very least a hat to match and there is a really nice scarf that Bella wore in the baseball game scene. At least Jesse lives in Canada were it is cold and will actually get to use them.

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