Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book # 16 - Eat Pray Love

So, I did it. I read Eat Pray Love - by What'shername, sorry too unmotivated and tired to recall her name and unwilling to google it or go and find the book in the bedroom to figure it out right at the moment.

Anywho... For the record, it was not Oprah that got me to read this book. Strangely it was actually John Stewart. He did a bit on his show about how the book has been turned into crack by Oprah and thus gobbled up by her many minions. (I'm not an Oprah fan, didja guess) And I was wanting to read it anyway, 'cause I picked it p at Costco one day and read the jacket and the whole foodie thing appealed to me.

I do have to admit that I did like it. It was funny and entertaining. It was not a spiritual awakening, or motivational or anything like that.

It was a travel memoir - that's it - that's all. Written by a self absorbed GenXer.

I really truly believe that unfortunately in the wrong hands this book is probably destructive and dangerous. It is NOT a spiritual guide and I think that many "I really wanna do/try _____" type people that happen to be in a bad place in their life will read this and go completely off the deep end.

This is what I dislike about Oprah, her incredible ability to sway the weak minded in whatever direction she pleases. I think she gets off on it. "Muh ha ha ha ha... the power I hold over my minions..... Dance monkeys!!"

Now, on the topic of power mongers.... Martha Stewart, I like that gal.

But, I digress...

I'll say it again loudly and slowly for all the ladies in the back row, TRAVEL MEMOIR, nothing more, nothing less. Funny, clever and entertaining, FOR WHAT IT IS.

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